What do the DJI, ISEQ and SEO Have in Common?

The monthly chart on the Dow Jones is looking more and more likely to reach its previous highs around 18,000. With both the January & February candles rejecting lows down at 15,250 to 15,500 we can currently see a March candle that looks rather bullish. There are no recent signs of bearishness on the weekly chart with four weeks of bullish candles in a row.

If we contrast this with the Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ) which was recently at its all time high only a couple of months ago, around the 6,800 level we’ll see some similarities. Since reaching its all time high in December 2015 the ISEQ has been on a steady decline, reaching a low of close to 5,700 on the 9th February 2016 before rebounding and regaining some of its former glory and is now back up at around 6,300.

One of the companies listed under the ISEQ is called Independent News & Media PLC. Operating under the Independent News & Media PLC umbrella is a range of different companies including the Sunday Independent, The Herald Sunday World and the Star. But most well known would be the Irish Independent, which makes up one of the subsidiaries of the parent company.

On the 13th March 2014 the Irish Independent published an article related to online marketing. In this article Aine Bermingham provide five recommendations for businesses trying to stay on top of digital marketing. These include:

1. Be Social – directed towards the importance of social media.

2. Produce Great Content – you can’t ignore the benefits of publishing great content online.

3. Get Savvy with the Search Engines – Themed around search engine optimization (SEO) there are many relatively easy changes you can make to your website to increase your ranking in the eyes of the search engines. If your business can rank highly within Google’s organic search results this is where you can drastically increase the amount of traffic coming to your website. To benefit most from search engine marketing it can be of great benefit to seek the services of a search engine optimization Company who knows how to achieve fantastic results for your business. One such business is Red Rain SEO.

4. Learn – Gain some knowledge in the area of online marketing, especially where you don’t have the budget to invest in the services of a professional.

5. Get Your Brand Out There – Get busy and don’t stop putting your brand out there. Attend networking events and conversations and continually build your relationships.

Considering how fast the online world moves these days you might think that a lot of this information would now be out of date as the article was published over two years ago. Not so. While some things in online marketing have changed over the past few years, the staple diet of search engine optimization has remained the same. Traditional SEO techniques and strategies still hold true to this day.  The basics of SEO haven’t changed and are likely to stay this way for many years to come. One video that gives a good insight into the changes in online marketing and the benefits of hiring an SEO consultant can be found at this SEO YouTube video. This is how the Dow Jones Industrial Index, Irish Stock Exchange and Search Engine Optimization are related in some small way.