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Five Reasons Why Every Business Website Needs SEO

Today, consumers expect every company to have a website – whether you are running a small restaurant, a bricks and mortar store or a computer repair shop it is important that you have a web presence. However, simply HAVING A web presence is not enough. You need to be easy to find as well, and that’s why SEO is so important. Here are five reasons why you should be investing in SEO.

1 – The Internet is The First Place People Look for Advice About Almost Anything

Today, most people don’t use phone books or the classified sections of the newspaper. Rather, when they want something they will pull out their phones and search for it. If you rank well, they’ll click the “get directions” link for your business, and then they will visit you. That’s a customer that you would have lost to a competitor if your SEO was poor.

2 – Organic Search Traffic is Essentially Free

Unlike CPC based advertising, each visit from the SERPs costs you nothing but bandwidth. So why not put some effort into ranking well for your most popular keywords? That’s traffic that will keep on coming in even if you don’t fund your social media marketing account for a little while.

3 – If You Rank Well, People Will Trust You

Ranking well in the search engines adds an air of legitimacy to your website. A lot of people put their trust in Google as a curator of the Internet. You can take advantage of this by taking your ranking seriously.

4 – SEO Helps You Rank for Keywords You Haven’t Even Thought Of

When you are working on your SEO, you will focus on the keywords that you think are most important, but if you write good content it will inform users about a range of things – and you will find, over time, that you get people arriving at your site based on other keywords and phrases too. Many of these will be the ‘long tail’ detailed and precise keywords that show purchase intent – and ranking for those is a very good thing for your conversion rate.

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5 – SEO Supports Usability and Good Design

Good SEO means, by association, being mobile friendly, having a website that loads quickly, and having code that is valid and that works well.

Good SEO is something that you will find encourages you to think about code quality, usability, and serving the customer as well as your own needs with the website. It will take a while to perfect, but by the time your site is ranking well in the SERPs you will find that it does well with real, human visitors as well.

SEO is hard work to get right, but it is worth it. If you aren’t a skilled designer or online marketer yourself, it is worth getting someone who is to audit your website. The results will pay for themselves many times over.