March 28, 2019

Client onboarding meeting

Practical Ways to Streamline New-Client Onboarding

If you are a new business or if you have just launched a new product, you will need to find clients, attract them, and retain them. Marketing attracts clients, but you will need a lot more than that to keep them. Understand that your approach toward retaining your new clients

House key on top of a mortgage agreement

Real Things That Constitute Mortgage Cost-Effectiveness

When comparing mortgages in Salt Lake City, Utahns generally look for a deal that they can afford. This strategy is logical for taking out a loan you can’t repay over time is a terrible decision. Hopeful homebuyers are not the only ones who think this way. Lenders these days likewise approve

Business executives on a meeting

Captive Insurance As a Risk Management Tool

Why would a company build its own insurance? A risk is an ever-present worry of any business owner. A multitude of factors can sink a business operation. Internal and external threats are sometimes the least of the company’s concerns. In some occasions, what can harm the company the most is

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