April 2019

Kids Dental Checkup

Start Them Early: Dental Care for Babies and Toddlers

Parents always want to make sure their children grow up in the best of health, especially when it comes to their teeth. Dentists encourage parents to bring their children to the dental clinic as soon as their baby teeth erupt so that they can train the parents on proper dental

insurance agent showing a copy of policy

Key Elements Attracting Millennials to Insurance Policies

In the past, health and life insurance policies were a preserve of the senior population. Nowadays, however, millennials make some of the most lucrative clients for insurance companies. Millennials, in this case, are those born from 1980 to 2000 and are estimated to account for about 75% of the global

warehouse storage in blue shade

Making Any Storage Space Work for You

Warehousing is a very profitable business, but only if you know how to utilise the available space to store more inventory. The more the inventory, the higher the profits. To start, learn the different methods of pallet storage for warehouses. That way, you will know how to store each type

loan payment

What Affects Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

Making monthly loan payments is one of the primary responsibilities of owning a home. This only makes it essential to be prepared for the challenges that might come up and cause you to fall behind on your mortgage obligations. These include income/job loss, increased expenses, rising interest rates, and emergencies

accountant helping a girl do her taxes

Getting the Appropriate Help for Major Changes in Your Life

Life is both scary and exciting, and one part of it that we can’t avoid is change. As we move forward, we experience different scenarios that require us to make choices that’ll affect our present and future. Therefore, we must be ready to face those changes. All of us are

drip of water from a faucet

How to Survive a Water Crisis

In this day and age, nothing is more inconvenient than a water crisis. Sadly, it sometimes has to happen. What do you do to make sure that you don’t get the losing end of a water shortage? It can get stressful to have to worry about water supply. It’s one

driving girl got a speeding icket from a policeman

Police Emergency Lights: The Meaning Behind the Colors

So, you’re driving on the highway, listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify when suddenly you see flashing lights of red and blue behind you. You take a quick glance at your rear view mirror and you realize that an emergency vehicle is fast approaching. What do you do next?

immigrant woman holding a passport

Getting Mortgage as a New Immigrant

Recent years have seen Utah become an attractive state for immigrants, joining New York and California, which have been popular for decades. Immigrants who have been in Utah long enough can tell you that every immigrant has a different experience when it comes to owning a home in the western

Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keyring

Negative Equity: 4 Ways to Prevent Sending Your Mortgage Underwater

Negative equity is when the value of a property is lower than the outstanding balance on the home loan used to purchase it. This term was a buzzword after the last housing crisis where many homeowners lost their houses to foreclosure because their mortgages went underwater, which is a somewhat

Employee designing website

5 Web Design Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Brand

At this age, having a website can make or break your business venture. Many companies, big or small, are finding this move a great way to promote their brand at a lesser cost. This is why many organization are careful about the look and layout of their website. As easy

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