January 2020


Four Practical Tips to Take Better Care of Your Smartphone

The modern lifestyle has increasingly come to integrate the smartphone; even when we sleep, our units are rarely out of arm’s reach. But modern phones are also expensive devices – the more time you spend using them, the more they are subject to simple wear and tear, and exposed to

shoe store

Five Effective Layout Options for Your Retail Shoe Store

If you’re setting up a first-time display for your retail shoe store, or about to undertake a redesign, then the layout is one of the first things to establish. The layout determines the variety of shoes you can display, which products to effectively feature, how customers experience shopping, and what

Couple buying house

Reminders to Prepare You for Homeownership

Money is not something that grows on trees. You’ve probably heard that from your parents when you were growing up and relying on them for all your financial needs. Now that you’re older and are considering homeownership, you understand better that money is needed in every step of the process.

Lawn Care

Planning to Start a Lawn Care Business? Here is What You Need to Know

As a homeowner, you only want to make your house clean and presentable all the time. Aside from your house interiors, you should also pay attention to your yard’s overall cleanliness and presentation. Some homeowners even put effort and pay for landscapers to make their yards look spectacular. Having a

Pay per click words

The Types of PPC Bid Strategies

Most companies steer clear of PPC ads since they assume that there is no need of spending a dime on digital marketing when there are many ‘’free’’ marketing platforms. What they do not appreciate is the ROI they stand to make from PPC marketing. This does not, however, mean that

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