April 2020

ice cream in shop

Tips for Running a Successful Ice Cream Franchise

Got a taste for ice cream? Buying and running an ice cream franchise business is a great way to earn a living doing something you’re passionate about. However, it’s still a business at the end of the day and it’s not always fun and games. Even though franchises are generally


Book Buffs and Small Spaces

“Books are going obsolete.” You have probably heard this over and over again – how much the printing industry is suffering because a lot of reading materials are starting to go digital, and it’s not just books. Even magazines are seeing a huge shift as well. However, the industry understands

Old coins

Fantastic Numismatic: the Most Expensive Coins in the World

Whether they’re government-issued or custom-made, coins are one of the fascinating types of currency out there, from custom coins made to market a product, or ancient coins that were once used during the medieval times. It’s the latter that draws the attention of both numismatics (e.g., coin collectors) and historians.

small business

Turning Your Small Business Into a Big and Successful One

Business owners will eventually have to decide on the future of their business. Some of them are happy staying small, but there will always be those who want to aim bigger. If you plan to grow your business, then you need to be ready to work hard. It will be


How You Can Get Insurance for You and Your Kid

Given everything that’s going on today, everyone needs health insurance — not only for yourself but for your kids, too. It isn’t optional anymore. After all, parents who can afford to buy health insurance but don’t do so or don’t have their children covered by it might get penalized each year.

people at a business meeting

These Big Products Failed to Launch: Find Out Why

As the song goes, “Even the best fall down sometimes.” The problem is for businesses, this stumble can cost thousands or millions of dollars. It may even bring them down to their knees, which is bankruptcy. One of the effective ways to mitigate this risk is to create a feedback

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