July 10, 2020

business man working

Going Back To Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that almost everybody is getting settled into this new normal, many of us are wondering how long this pandemic will last and how our lives will be affected in the long haul. With the regulations on social distancing, a lot of businesses have made certain adjustments to the way

two people shaking hands

Pandemic-Induced Businesses: Is it Wise to Start a Business at This Time?

Times are hard. People are doing everything they can to make ends meet especially during the lockdown season. Businesses have been closing left and right all over the world. Major corporations and multinationals have declared bankruptcies. The pandemic has put businesses and their owners on their knees. With the way

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Stunts That Will Wow Your Clients in No Time

Businesses are always looking for ways to engage their target audiences. Before, this is quite easy as long as you offer great quality products at a reasonable price. But since competition in the market continues to grow and consumers are becoming smarter and more demanding, this now becomes a tricky

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