August 2020

woman working on her laptop

The Importance of Physical and Mental Health to Your Career

In recent years, “work-life balance” has been a popular buzzword in the corporate setting. Studies have found that physical health and mental well-being are directly related to how well a person carries out tasks. When you are tired, lack sleep, or stressed out, it is likely that you will experience

boxes inside a warehouse

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Small Warehouse Business

A warehouse business gives small businesses a safe and secure place to store their inventory. The rise of e-commerce, of business owners without a physical space for their products, also raised the need for warehouse spaces for lease. Renting warehouse storage services allows e-commerce sites to provide an end-to-end fulfillment


Here’s What You Need to Know about Personality Tests in the Workplace

Let’s talk about personality tests. Do they work? What are your options, and which tests are the best? Should you even use them in the workplace? Here are FAQs to help answer these questions: 1. What are Personality Tests? Personality tests are exams (and sometimes interviews) that help ascertain the

calculating business tax

How to Avoid a Business Tax Audit

A business tax audit is an examination of your financial accounts and statements done by the IRS to make sure there are no discrepancies in your business tax returns. Just because businesses are rarely audited, doesn’t mean it never happens. Self-employed individuals, sole proprietors, and small business owners are more

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