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Going on a Road Trip? Download These Apps

To go on a road trip is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It allows you to discover the world around you without having to spend thousands on plane tickets or luxury hotel accommodations. For some travelers, however, planning a road trip can be tedious. So, if you are planning


Marketing Biz: Talking to and Engaging Your Customers

Marketing is an aspect of your business that relies heavily on results. And the results are usually reflected on your sales, number of likes on your social media pages, and even the kind comments you get from your customers. You may be too obsessed with these figures that you have


It’s Not Just Sparks: Hidden Welding Hazards

Welding is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and it’s not just because of those red hot sparks. Several factors increase your risk of injury or worse, but specific safety measures and protective welding products can minimize or eliminate those risks. 1. Falls and Accidents Where you

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Blockchain and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Contracts

Scholars and researchers continue to explore and exploit the capabilities of the internet, giving rise to some of the popular buzzwords today, like cryptocurrency, cryptography, and blockchain. These technologies gave birth to a number of smarter, automated processes, which can be extremely beneficial for e-commerce and other industries. One of

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Integrating the SCADA System Into Our Water System

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. It is not actually an app or software. It is a distributed system that connects a bunch of computers to operate and manage the operations of an industrial plant or factory from the comforts of an office or a control room. SCADA

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Key Elements Attracting Millennials to Insurance Policies

In the past, health and life insurance policies were a preserve of the senior population. Nowadays, however, millennials make some of the most lucrative clients for insurance companies. Millennials, in this case, are those born from 1980 to 2000 and are estimated to account for about 75% of the global

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Getting the Appropriate Help for Major Changes in Your Life

Life is both scary and exciting, and one part of it that we can’t avoid is change. As we move forward, we experience different scenarios that require us to make choices that’ll affect our present and future. Therefore, we must be ready to face those changes. All of us are

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Negative Equity: 4 Ways to Prevent Sending Your Mortgage Underwater

Negative equity is when the value of a property is lower than the outstanding balance on the home loan used to purchase it. This term was a buzzword after the last housing crisis where many homeowners lost their houses to foreclosure because their mortgages went underwater, which is a somewhat

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Getting the Boot? What This Means for a 1031 Exchange

Selling property is never as simple as handing over the money and getting the deed of sale. For a variety of legal and economic reasons, taxation plays a critical role in 1031 land exchanges and other real estate transactions, primarily because the value of the property will always shift depending on how


Plan Your Rose Garden Early by Planting in Spring

Say you have a nice lawn in Salt Lake City or a huge backyard in Philadelphia. The winter frost is gone and your ground is ready for gardening. Roses are among the best plants you can consider to spruce up your bare grounds. Effortlessly beautiful, these flowering plants have different

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