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Good Accounting Practices That Help You Pay Your Business Debts Faster

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t make much of a dent in your business debts this year. After all, no one saw the pandemic coming. Businesses, governments, and households alike were unprepared for its impact on our finances. But now that it’s almost hopefully over, it’s time to take stock

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Can a Physician Practice Outside a Hospital?

After years of working in a hospital setting where you always have to rely on the terms stipulated in your employment contract, compensation varies based on the employer that owns the hospital you are working in—you would want to set out on your own or with other physicians with the


What Science Can Tell Us about Improving Our Children’s Personal Finance Skills

Making a living in today’s world often seems more difficult than in decades past. The cost of living keeps rising, but not all occupations keep pace in terms of wages. Simultaneously, competition in the workplace is increasing, not only from humans but from machines. Each successive generation feels this burden.

Lessons We Learned from Past Economic Crises

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important not to lose hope in the fate of our businesses. We can still thrive during and after the pandemic. It’s because we’ve learned throughout our history that businesses overcame the challenges of economic crises. It all depends on how businesses operated and made decisions.

rolled up money

The Second Stimulus Package: Any Hopes for a Happy Resolution?

On October 2020, news outlet CNBC asked Americans whether they want a second stimulus package (aka the $1,200 stimulus check). Many of them said “yes.” At the same time, however, many Washington lawmakers were unsure. Fast forward to November 2020, a few weeks post-election, President-elect Joe Biden sat down with Senate

Renovation Pointers to Make the Most Out of Your Money

Everyone has their reasons for renovating their homes. Whether you’re planning to increase its value for future sales or want to extend your home, you must make the most out of it. Any remodeling plan can feel daunting, not to mention expensive. That’s why most people would often consider getting

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Elementary Entrepreneurship

Summary: The article details how one can apply the lessons learned from childhood nickel-and-dime operations to larger businesses. You don’t need an expensive college education to start a business. Kids have been starting businesses for ages, and you can learn a thing or two by looking into how they run

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How to Manage Your Finances as a Freelancer

Freelancing is becoming more and more of a viable career for Americans. According to Upwork’s most recent Freelancing in America report, an estimated 57 million U.S. workers freelance. This is mainly dominated by the younger population, as Generation Z freelanced more than any other generation of workers since the yearly

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To Find Career Growth, Work on Your Value-generating Core

Many employees feel unhappy with their jobs for different reasons. They can be upset about negative interactions with their boss or specific colleagues. Maybe the work hours are too long, the tasks tedious and repetitive, the pay just not worth it. But often, if you dig deeper, the underlying dissatisfaction


Investing in Pre-Selling Properties: Is It a Wise Financial Move?

Pre-selling properties such as condos, housing, and other residential units are becoming popular with investors as they come with low interest, monthly amortization, and down payment rates. In real estate, pre-selling is when you sell a property before its construction, during construction or its planning stages, or when the developer

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