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Pandemic Opportunities: Businesses that Thrived amid a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of problems for all people around the world. Some people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, while others have been forced to close their businesses because of the pandemic. As a result, a lot of people have been struggling financially ever

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Take Your Bakery To The Next Level In Productivity: What To Do

Increasing productivity is always admirable in any industry. For a bakery, that is doubly important. Even a small bakery may need to cook hundreds of loaves of bread a year. Being able to have an impressive output is important when it comes to increasing profits. If you run a bakery,

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Future-Proof: The Businesses That Will Rise in 2021 and Beyond

The future isn’t set and that’s for certain. To put things into perspective, no one ever expected the COVID-19 virus to happen and change everyone’s lives. Yet it did, and people are left trying to cope with the effects of the dreadful virus. In the world of business, the change

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From Traditional to Digital: Moving Your Business Online

In the past, shifting to e-commerce was only a choice for many traditional businesses. In the wake of the pandemic, what used to be a choice is now a necessity to survive. Last year, many businesses had shut down permanently, and those that survived had no choice but to make the


Crucial Pointers for Starting a Customized Goods Brand

Customization is a growing trend in business that gives brands an edge. From engraving a customer’s name into a phone case to formulating a shampoo based on their exact hair type, brands are finding ways to enhance the customer experience. And the market is buying into it. The rise of


E-commerce: Transitioning from Dropshipping to Branded Sales

Dropshipping is a method of fulfilling orders where businesses do not stock the products they sell on their premises. In this retail model, the business receives the order of the customer and purchases it from the supplier. Then, the business will have the product shipped directly to the customer. This

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The History of the Milk Industry: The Heavy Promotion of Milk as Healthy

Over the years, dairy farmers have made various efforts to take care of their livestock and farmlands. Their dairy farm business has grown significantly to meet the growing consumer demand for dairy products. According to the American Dairy Association, around 98% of U.S. dairy farms remained family-owned and operated. Today,

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5 Adjustments for a Home-Based Business

Starting a business becomes more challenging because of the additional limitations and issues that come with the pandemic. It will take so much effort, time, and resources when creating one, but you will find that the market can be volatile enough to ruin your investment. You will have to ensure

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Preparing for Fun: How to Make Your Company Outing Successful

A company outing is one way to enrich and foster the relationships your employees have built with one another. It’s a great way to increase camaraderie between employees, and it’s also an excellent way to boost company cohesiveness. It can also improve employee motivation and team performance when done right. However, having

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The Pros and Cons of TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt hosted by TechCrunch, which is a leading online publisher of the latest news and trends about high tech and tech startups. It has a series of events that would greatly help tech startups launch their business. First, there’s the Startup Alley. It’s an exhibit of the tech startups

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