Building an Effective E-commerce Business

With the increase in demand for online shopping in recent years, especially after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are making the shift to e-commerce. There’s no mistaking that we are entering a new era in the digital economy, with consumer behavior rapidly changing and the global health

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How You Can Effectively Market During a Pandemic

A global health pandemic is nothing to scoff at. In a span of a few months, it has paralyzed most of the world’s major businesses and government and forced society to readjust to a new way of living. At this point, things are not likely to ‘go back to normal.’

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How Can You Adapt Your Marketing amid a Crisis?

Most worldwide crises blindside most of us. Few individuals foresaw the US stock market crash back in 2008, which resulted in massive job loss and home foreclosures—and in the wake of the recent pandemic, businesses are struggling, leaving many unsure where to turn amid the crisis. These scenarios remind us

Marketing Post-Mortem: Here’s How You Can Make It Work

You may have the impression that your previous marketing campaign has worked. But you cannot definitively say that unless you have analyzed every aspect of the project. This is where post-mortem comes in. A post-mortem may be a morbid word for post-project meetings, but it has been widely used across

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How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

When you want to sell something on social media, one of the key aspects to achieve success is being able to effectively reach your potential customers. The problem is that in social networks, there are many people with all kinds of tastes and preferences, and it can be difficult to find

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Top Ways to Ignite Brand Loyalty

Companies are spending millions of dollars on brand loyalty. Airlines are offering points every time you buy a plane ticket for them. Frequent flyers get access to their executive lounge while waiting for the plane to arrive. Grocery stores also offer coupons and discounts for frequent shoppers. The same goes

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Customer Satisfaction Strategies for Small Businesses

For many businesses, customer satisfaction is as important a metric as the profit margin and sales growth. After all, a company’s fortunes rise and fall on the mood of its clients: Make them happy, and they will return. Poor service, however, can ruin your brand’s image and deters customers from

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What Millennials and Gen-Z Hate and How You Can Use This to Your Advantage

Today’s modern consumers are Generation X, aka the millennials and Generation Y, or the iGen. These two generations are often hard to please. They expect more and have more demands from businesses. But it only makes sense to take on their demands and expectations. Harnessing the buying power of millennials and Gen-Zers is a great


Here’s What You Need to Know about Personality Tests in the Workplace

Let’s talk about personality tests. Do they work? What are your options, and which tests are the best? Should you even use them in the workplace? Here are FAQs to help answer these questions: 1. What are Personality Tests? Personality tests are exams (and sometimes interviews) that help ascertain the

June 2021
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